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Ankush Kumar (About Founder)
11 March 2019
Vajra Station Canteen, Punjab – 144005, India

Hello Alters!

Welcome to Techx Alt - A community which is being developed day by day. Started with a motive to make technology simpler and easier.

We call our visitors and readers as 'Alters'

Techx Alt website community deals with:
  • Technology News on the go. All necessary and highlighted technology news is posted directly on our website. We keep our news information as fresh as milk!
  • Blogging Tips and how to begin to be a blogger. You can find any topic related to blogging, website development, S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) Tips and much more.
  • Android updates. Smart phone's technology is in great demand now a days and it is also necessary how to use your smart phone in a profitable way rather than just using it for wasting or passing your time. We post articles related to how you can invest your time buy using your smart phone itself. This section also include what necessary updates are to be come in the android. (tech topics are our priority)
  • Reviews about different trends in internet market. Reviewing different products tells others what are pros and cons of the particular product. Hence this category is just to show reviews of different items which may be a game, smart phone, or other such gadgets or products.
  • Tutorials are also added so that you can perform topics practically. As all you know that graphical representation impacts the most.
  • The on going Offers are also listed. So that, you can buy best thing at best value. (This category is meant only for notification purposes not for promotions). Offers are updated for notifying Alters (TechxAlt Family) that this is the time to buy listed product as on best value.

When this website was born?

The website was born on 11th March 2019 with a positive approach to join maximum people who wants to learn different things about tech differently.

What are features of Techx Alt?

We not only provide articles but quality and original articles. Which is freshly prepared, sorted, analysed, filtered, assembled and then posted.
  • We provide original articles.
  • Important updates are posted
  • Tips and Helping tutorials are also posted
  • Practical Tutorials are also provided for easy learning.

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