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Blogging is the way of solving problems through
your content for your readers ― Jagdish Patil

About Me



I am a young Blogger and Developer. I live in the sweetest city Jalandhar of Punjab. I am 16 years old and running this website with high dedication and hardwork. I am still learning and never leave learning. Because if I will stop learning then you will stop gaining something new. I try to teach different topics of technology, blogging and developing in my own style. I wanted to make a website which provides useful and helpful content for people.

My ultimate dream is to join Google and become a Googler. And I am working hard for this. My style of learning and teaching at the same time is loved the most by my friends.

I love to dive in technical world. Isn't its amazing. :)

Summing Up with a beautiful Quote:
Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon. ― Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

You can find me on Social Media:

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Everyone fails at one point in their life.
But the ones who are successful tend to learn from their
failures and avoid making the same mistakes over again.
― Neil Patel