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Tuesday, 7 April 2020

TikTok or YouTube Which is BEST For You As a Creator/Beginner? FULL GUIDE

Each one of you must be knowing about the two biggest video-sharing platforms- YouTube and TikTok. Both provide the same platform to users but has a quite difference. In this article, we will be learning about the history, features, earning techniques of both platforms.

We will study both the platform so that you can select which is best for you. Everyone indeed wants to become famous, earn money, wants attention and fame. But on the other side, it’s also true that not everyone will gain it.

Video-sharing platform allows you to upload your videos. You can share them on other social media sites or share them with your family, friends and relatives. 

TikTok or YouTube Which is BEST For You As a Creator/Beginner? FULL GUIDE

These platforms are used for commercial purposes too. Both big and small companies use these video-streaming websites and apps to promote their business. These apps include – Hoststar, Voot, SonyLIV etc.

So let’s begin!


Parent Company: ByteDance
Parent Company: Google
Launched (Worldwide): September 2017
Launched: February 2005
Type: Video Sharing
Type: Video Hosting
Website: tiktok.com
Website: youtube.com
Headquarters: Culver City
Headquarters: California, US

Features TikTok Provides to its Creators

  • It allows you to create short videos up to 15 seconds or 60 seconds.

  • You can select what kind of videos you want to see for example – Education, Tech and Science or Entertainment, etc.

  • It has a simple interface and is available on Android, iOS, and Web. You can simply swipe up and down to see new videos.

  • You can also follow your favorite creators either by searching them with their unique username or while watching videos. You can also like, share and comment on their video.

  • There is no need of Intro or Outro. You simply have to deliver your words or make videos.

  • There is no need of making thumbnails. It uses automatically generated thumbnail from your video or you can choose a specific frame as a thumbnail.

  • It allows you to connect other social media profiles so that your followers can easily access your social media handles.

  • It gives you inbuilt video editing software which helps you to record, edit and publish. You can apply different effects and filters to create stunning videos. Or else you can also upload ready-made video (uploading videos downloaded from other sources is strictly not allowed).

  • As of 2018 it is available in 45 different languages. So there is no language barrier for you. You can easily make videos in any of them and share your talent, skill or knowledge.

 Features YouTube Provide to its Creators

  • YouTube is a video streaming service. Initially it allows you to upload videos up to 15 minutes. Later on verifying your channel with your phone no. the limit is extended.

  • You can see videos of any topic. For example – Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Education, News, etc.

  • You can do live streaming and can run online classes or can interact with your subscribers. You can preset this when you want to come live. And your subscribers will automatically get notification.

  • You can set the premiere of a video i.e. You can set when you want your video to be published. Simply it means you can customize the date and time for publishing your video.

  • It allows your subscribers to like, unlike, share, comment, save to their playlist and download the video. Which is much more as compared to TikTok.

  • Creator can earn money in different ways. One is through monetizing their channel and earn revenue through ads. Second is through sponsorships. And the last one is when a subscriber sponsors your channel or becomes a member of your channel by clicking the join button next to the subscribe button.

  • It supports and encourages their creators by awarding them with Silver, Golden, Diamond Play Buttons. Which are achieved when you complete subscribers milestones.

Which Platform Will Make You Famous Quickly TikTok or YouTube?

Here comes the main question. Everyone wants to become famous, everyone needs a recognition of their talent or skill. And in today's reality, YouTube and TikTok has turned the lives of many people, especially YouTube.

YouTube has been serving since 2005 on the internet as a video streaming platform. Hence, it has more features and is dominating over the internet.

As Google is its parent company therefore, YouTube comes preinstalled in every Android device, which makes it available in most of the devices. Whereas you have to manually download TikTok.

If we talk about features on creators side then YouTube wins all the way. Because YouTube is a king in this industry. Every creator wants to join YouTube and they do.

But if we talk about TikTok, it is not far behind. As of 2020 TikTok has over 800 million active users every day, and it is a big number. And on the other hand, YouTube generates billions of views every day.

Not only this. YouTube provides its creators a full detailed statistics of their channel where they can see no. of views, no. of subscribers gained, their earning, comparision with previous month’s stats and much more. Whereas there is no such feature in TikTok.


In my view, YouTube is a winner in every way. Because it has been for so long in this industry. And no doubt it provides so many features and earning ways to its creators.

But the question is which platform will make you popular quickly and here TikTok wins. And this is tested by me and I’ve seen many other people too.

If you listen to me, initially you should go for TikTok and then for YouTube. This will help you grow quickly, widely and for a long time.

YouTube is a big platform but when you start newly you get less views. But on TikTok it will be way better. And chances are much higher.

So in my point of view you should use TikTok first and then go for YouTube. It would be more awesome if you continue both when you start getting some decent no. of views from both sides.

And it is more important you have a real talent or skill to share, then only you can last longer and make a powerful impact.

I will give some more tips in this regard in upcoming articles till then stay tuned to TechxAlt.com




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