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Monday, 6 January 2020

Make An Awesome YouTube Thumbnail | Step By Step For Beginners

Making a thumbnail is not much difficult and not must easier. You can create awesome thumbnails at home without spending dollars on freelancers. In this article, I will make sure that you will learn to make an awesome thumbnail easily for beginners at your desk.

YouTube is a platform that can make you a star. Before that you have to work like a star. If your profession is full-time YouTubing or even if you are a part-time YouTuber, these posts (YouTubing) will really help you to grow your business/channel on YouTube.

You must know that your video’s template makes as important role as your content. Because, it can describe what your video is about. And before clicking your video, before watching your video the first thing that they watch is your video’s thumbnail. If you can’t make them attractive and appealing, then how would someone watch your videos.

Make An Awesome YouTube Thumbnail | Step By Step For Beginners

Many YouTubers pay $100s (literally 💲) for designing a custom thumbnail for their videos. Because, they know if their video did well, they will earn much more return than their investment. If not talking about a professional designer, you can too create it. And trust me it will have the power, that will make viewers click on your videos.

It will look a little bit tough, if you are trying Photoshop for the first time, but hey, don’t worry! I am here to teach you. You can either go for the ready-made templates, on which you just have to change the image and texts. A couple of free online platforms are available, that I will mention below.


Every YouTuber wants their video to be ranked first or in the top list. And for that they do lots of hard work for improving their content, use different softwares to enhance video editing, add some clip arts or animations, but, some of them don’t know that before watching their videos people will see their thumbnail. Which has to be so catchy that it makes anyone click on your video.

Look below for some tips, that you must always follow. You can use any platform for designing it. If you want them to be designed done easily, then you must go on some websites that provides thousands of ready-made templates they are – Canva, PicMonkey, Fotor etc. But the condition remains the same that are listed below. Follow the given tips ️.


Whenever designing anything, background images work as your base of the template. Your whole design is going to rely on it. So, make sure you choose your background images wisely. Choose the best matching colour combinations, that suits our background.

If your background has dark and strong colours that you can use white colours over it so that anything you want to show could be seen clearly. And I would recommend you use dark backgrounds. Because it make our eyes to focus on your fonts or images easily that are brighter than that.

You can use different images, textures, patterns or even solid colours like – Black, Orangish-Yellow, Dark or Chocolate Brown, etc. This would really beautify your content on the template that you are designing.

2.       TEXT AND FONT

After you set your background now you need to write something on it. Don’t make it very fancy or very dull. Write what your video is about in not more that 8-10 words. Overwriting will totally ruin your design. It’s better to write small but accurate.

Choosing an appropriate font style is also important. It needs to be clear enough to be read easily. Maintain a proper font size, according to your design. If big font size suits your design, then you must go for it because bigger letters are eye-catching. I will recommend you to use a little bigger font size with bright font colours like – Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Green etc.

So, you can use simple font styles while placing text on your template and make it a little bigger. You can also use different font-size combinations like few words written in small and few in big and change the colours of the both accordingly.


Yes, you should always use images, graphics, vectors or clip arts where ever required. It plays a major role. This will help you to fill the empty spaces in your template. And you know a picture describes a thousand words!

Choose those images which are related to your video’s niche. Using off topic images or graphics will not work. Yes, you can use some images like – A man pointing his fingers to show something.

But I would recommend you to use your own image in the thumbnail. This will help people recognize you easily. You must have seen many YouTubers doing this. They use different images of their reaction or facial expressions like they are “Shocked” or “Wow Moments”, that stimulates your mind to click the video. And after watching your video, if they liked your content, they would definitely return. This will ultimately build your reputation/brand.  


Now this is the last step, where you can find out your minor mistakes. You can correct them and can look for any other required things to mention. If everything is fit and fine, move on to save your thumbnail design.

Else, you can add more effects to your designed template. Can change the Hue/Saturation, Contrast, Clarity, Brightness, Highlights, Vibrance. By doing this, you can make your thumbnail really awesome! It will help in overall enhancement of the design. Once you are satisfied, you can save it.


Designing a thumbnail is not much difficult until you think so. It’s easier than, searching content, editing videos, writing descriptions etc. But plays a very crucial role. The above-mentioned tips will really help you to design your thumbnail if you are a beginner.

Again, I am saying that you can use any platform, that makes easy for you to design is the best one to work with. Because no matter which so ever software you are using, the tips I have mentioned will have to be applied everywhere.
Well, now a number of applications are also available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can simply download them and use them to create your graphic arts. Because they are pretty simple and consume less time.

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