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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

What is PBN? Generate Unlimited Free High Quality Backlinks - Techx Alt

 What is PBN? Generate Unlimited Free High Quality Backlinks - Techx Alt

Hello Alters!

Today in this post Again I am sharing about how to get free unlimited free high quality backlinks using PBN. Now, First of all we will have to learn what is PBN, what are its advantages, what are its disadvantages and at last how to create it. So lets begin...

As you all know Backlinks plays an important role in ranking on the top of Search Engines.  That's why backlinks have to be used properly to do S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization).

So in this post we will learn how to get Unlimited Free High Quality PBN Backlinks.

What is Private/Personal Blogging Network (PBN)?

If you hold more than 2 personal blogs/websites than you can form a network of these websites by interlinking them with each other. For Example if you are already using 10 websites and you have created a fresh new blog. And you wrote an article and if you use those 10 websites to create backlinks for your new website then this will be referred as Personal Blogging Network.


  1. You can create unlimited High Quality backlinks
  2. You can rank your posts easily
  3. You can create a network of you blogs.
  4. Increases the authority of the new blog/website


  1. If the earlier website is also new and not much old. Then it may be considered as spam and if you create backlink from this website then your new website will also be considered as spam

How to create PBN BackLinks?

  1. Firstly, you must have enough collection of personal websites which is owned by you.
  2. Then you have to use these pre-existing website to interlink with the other website.
  3. whenever you will create a new website you will simply have to create backlinks from these websites which are already owned by you
  4. By this you can create unlimited High Quality backlinks for your new blog which would be enough to rank your freshly made article to rank in search engine easily.
  5. Do work hard more on the pre-existing website because they are the branch or core website on which your upcoming website are to be supported.



  1. Continue the good work; keep posting webdesign studios more n more n more.

  2. High TF do-follow PBN links will increase your site’s metrics as well as rank your site on the search engine. Permanent Backlinks


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