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Thursday, 14 March 2019

How To Buy Expired Domains With High Traffic and Backlinks - Techx Alt

How To Buy Expired Domains With Traffic and Backlinks - Techx Alt

How To Buy Expired Domains With Traffic and Backlinks - Techx Alt

Hello Alters!
Today's this post is going to be very amazing because you are going to something extra excellent method to Buy Expired Domain which already have High Domain Authority [DA] and High Page Authority [PA]. These expired domains are purchased and are used as a profit. Because these expired domains already have High DA and PA along with number of high quality and strong Backlinks. You can purchase these domains and used it as both to create Backlinks using Web 2.0 Blog's Backlinks or by creating Private Blog Network [PBN]. So lets go...

So if you are planning to buy a new domain and are not able to make decision which name you should keep then please keep reading this article as it will help you alot.

Decide first, that you want to make a brand or you just want to buy domain and want to earn some money. See in my opinion you should definitely go for the expired domain if you are beginner. As it will give you these Advantages...

  1. You will have to put less efforts in comparison to if you buy a new domain.
  2. You will get free some enough Backlinks.
  3. Your domain's DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) will be high!
  4. Your domain age will be old (Which is a good thing)
  5. You can use this domain to make Web 2.0 Blog and create Unlimited Backlinks for your new and fresh Websites!
  6. Every new content you will post on this domain will Rank Easier than the new domain you will buy.
  7. Although first time investment will be high but, it will give you High Profit if you will work on this domain.
  8. Try to maintain its S.E.O. position so that its Authority doesn't decrease

  1. You will have to post stuffs related to the domain. That means the post which were posted on that expired domain. (But it is not necessary, You can post your own articles but it may affect your identity of domain)
  2. If you will not work on the expired domain you bought it will be totally a waste of money task you will do.

How to check for Expired Domains?

To buy domains you have to go for Domain Registrar Websites like - GoDaddy, Big Rock, Name Cheap etc. You go there and register your domain on which you will work.

Purchasing an Expired Domain has also the same procedure. Just you have to go to these websites and check if they sale for Expired Domain. This means these companies sell these expired domains. GoDaddy offers this feature where you can buy those domains which are expired. So not going through this long process we will go through the simple.

How To Buy Expired Domains With Traffic and Backlinks - Techx Alt

Just check the follow websites, through which you can get bunch of daily updated Expired Domains. Along with Domain's DA & PA, Price, Age etc. The websites are:
  1. (Link)
  2. (Link)
  3. (Link)
  4. (Link)

While registering or purchasing these expired domains please not that whether the domain has been suspended from Google Adsesne or not. If it is suspended, then don't buy those domains because you will not have earning from that domain. If it is not suspended from Google Adsense then only purchase Expired Domains. Because if you are putting your efforts on that expired domain and working hard you must get your revenue of that.

How To Buy Expired Domains With Traffic and Backlinks - Techx Alt

You can check whether the domain is suspended from Google Adsense or not by going through this website: (Link)

How To Buy Expired Domains:
  1. Firstly, you have to visit anyone of the above site which gives us the list of Expired Domains.
  2. Then you have to choose your domain. Think wisely, despite of thinking that the domain is cheap or expensive. If you will think about these kind of things then you may fail. So go for that domain that has at least 20 DA and 20 PA.

    How To Buy Expired Domains With High Traffic and Backlinks - Techx Alt

  3. After selecting place your preferred domain name simply check out and pay your payment. Your main will be registered by the registrar company. You will have to fill your details in order to name that expired domain for you.
  4. Now, wait few days and the company will register your domain.
  5. That's all. You are done.

Hope you liked this article. Please do like and share the post.


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